How to order coffee in Italy? Mistakes in cafes that Italians do not forgive!

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For some, coffee is a beverage that helps to wake up, for some it is a “cup of conversation”, and in Italy, it is a way of life to prepare and enjoy coffee.

Coffee in Venice is mostly full of flavor and aromatic, spiced with notes of oriental vanilla scent, in Milan it is light and tender, and in Piedmont and Liguria, it is more robust.

If you go to Trieste and want espresso in a cafe, the magic word is Nero, while capo is macchiato or espresso with a little foamy milk.

Marocchino in Milan is characterized by the addition of cocoa that is added to espresso with milk. In Turin, it is called bicerin, and in Apulia, you have to order espressino. In Naples, espresso is especially appreciated, and it is most desirable if it is short and strong.

To order coffee like the Italians, you should know that coffees with milk, like cappuccino, coffee latte, and macchiato are reserved for the morning hours; if you order them in the afternoon, you run the risk of provoking ridicule from the waiter, who will, of course, try to hide his reaction. Also, such coffee should not be ordered after a meal.

For Italians, espresso is a coffee that they enjoy quickly, very often on their feet, and the price for a cup of espresso is higher if you decide to sit in a cafe and drink this coffee without haste. The ristretto is shorter than the espresso, and the lungo or Americano is longer.

Bear in mind that Americano is not as mild as American coffee, and it has significantly less water in relation to the amount of coffee. To recover faster after a sleepless night, doppio or double espresso will help.

Latte macchiato is mere milk to which espresso is added, and the same ingredients are used for preparation as for coffee latte, but their appearance differs. Latte macchiato will be served to you in a tall glass and prepared so that the different layers are clearly visible.

By: Sarah R.





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