However it looks like, your body is beautiful! And therefore, please: no mockery, hatred and derogatory names!

Why are we so strict with ourselves?

However it looks like, your body is beautiful! And therefore, please: no mockery, hatred and derogatory names!

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We like to believe that happiness is at our fingertips, but that we won't grab it if we don't drive the dream car, or don't have the most modern signature bag...  However, psychologists have done countless researches to conclude the following: happiness is not based on the number of pounds but on self-acceptance and a caring attitude towards oneself.

If you think you will never be happy because your legs are not a meter and a half long, you are mistaken. Ask yourself if you believe all supermodels are happy. Maybe some girls are, others aren’t, but it really has nothing to do with their long legs. I don’t want to say that happiness lies in overeating and lying on the couch, of course, we feel better when we exercise and eat healthily, but not to satisfy other people’s ideas but to keep our bodies healthy to serve us longer and make us happy.

Believe me, I’ve never heard a guy leave a girl because she had a slightly bigger butt, but if she was unhappy with herself, insecure, and thought the world should revolve around 15 centimeters of excess on her waist, admit it, she gave him enough reason. So, let's find the answers to the question: 



Before we move on to the other items, you should know one thing: self-confidence and self-belief will protect you from the various difficulties that will happen to you in life. Confirmations of your worth should be sought within yourself, not in the size of your breasts, buttocks, or thighs. 

1. Accept your natural size and body shape 

This is our call to have moderate and realistic expectations of yourself. Educate yourself, explore how to keep your body healthy, find out what exercises you need and are suitable for, what you should eat, and when. But do it with moderation - unhealthy methods and unrealistic expectations will hit you emotionally.  

2. Keep perspective

Stay open to constructive feedback from people around you, but always listen to your inner voice to remind you that your opinion counts. Maybe your tummy sometimes stands out a little more, but, come on, that's not the only characteristic you are valued for. Ask yourself what kind of friend you are, how proud your mom is to have raised such a responsible and cheerful daughter, how much they love you at work and how good you are at baking cakes. We can enumerate infinitely because we believe that you have countless virtues that, despite your tummy, make you a unique and fantastic person.  

3. Listen to what you say about yourself   

Do you know who should be your best friend? Well, you yourself! So look at how you treat yourself and realize how much damage you can do to yourself by constantly criticizing your body and forcing yourself to constantly achieve goals. Remind yourself that your goal is not to lose weight but to become a happy person.  

4. Learn to love your body and flatter it 

You may be hungry, but you cannot change your inherited physical traits. Maybe you’re a slim, athletic type, maybe you’re prone to curves, or you’re shorter. And there is nothing you can do to change that. But also why bother with it when you can use tricks: you can "reduce" large breasts by avoiding high collars, and wide hips with dark pants. And there are many such effective and simple tricks.

5. Develop a healthy relationship - with you

Get involved in physical activities, but not those that promise fast weight loss. Rather, let it be what makes you happy. Do you like dancing? Try Zumba. 

6. Protect yourself  (and others) 

If you’re a victim of unsavory jokes or criticism at the expense of your body, don’t take this as a true assessment of your appearance. And if you see this happening to someone else, step out. Encouragement and support strengthen the initiation of positive change.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers