“Human: The World Within” is one of the best series we’ve watched on Netflix. Here's what it's about

A series that will make you look at your body in a whole new way

“Human: The World Within” is one of the best series we’ve watched on Netflix. Here's what it's about

Photo Credits: Netflix

This title in the rich Netflix offering instantly intrigued us. It is a documentary series Human: The World Within, which is not a novelty on the popular streaming service, but it is certainly still worth paying attention to, in case you haven't watched it yet.

Human: The World Within consists of one season that includes six episodes that take us through the different functions of the human body. While you may think this is another science documentary that will be hard to follow, this documentary series has combined modern science and true human stories, bringing the dynamics of each episode to an enviable level. In other words, the series is exciting and will keep you intrigued from start to finish. Each episode begins with the story of a person from a part of the world, on the example of which we then, with the help of scientists, discover more about the human body, its capabilities, but also possible problems.

The first episode thus introduces us to the nervous system and its incredible complexity, from the perspective of a boxer, a savior, and a man with a bionic arm. The second episode deals with the topic of the pulse, that is, it teaches us how the heart moves us through extreme physical, but also emotional challenges. Through the story of the climber, we learn how important oxygen is for the functioning of our body, through the bus driver we learn the extent to which a sedentary lifestyle is fatal, while the widow's story shows us that a broken heart is not just a fantasy we picked up from movies, but real physical trauma and a scientific phenomenon.

The third episode takes us through the basic fuel of our body - food. That the food we take into our body is exclusively the aforementioned fuel that serves to not only keep us alive but also make our body incredibly efficient is shown to us by the Navajo long-distance runner who is preparing for his race. The fourth episode explores how our immune system protects us from microscopic threats, while the fifth brings an amazing story about our senses. In this episode, the scientists’ insights intertwine with the stories of a deaf singer who perfectly hits the pitch thanks to her adaptability of the senses, a perfume expert who evokes memories, and artistic skaters. Finally, the sixth and final episode leads to the very beginning - birth and gives us an insight into the science of hormones, infertility, and epigenetics.

If you've taken your body for granted or haven't thought about it too much, be sure to watch your body as it really is after watching Human: The World Within - an incredibly perfect machine that works flawlessly at all times. would keep you alive, and in which even the smallest cell has its important task. This series definitely shows us what we actually know - absolutely everything is connected and interdependent. If you are looking for something with which you can relax, but also learn, this is definitely a series worth watching.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers