Imagine being a celebrity and a royal? Sounds like a pretty ideal life!

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like royalty? And to have millions of dollars at your disposal? Some people are living that royal life. Shaikha Mahra, the princess of Dubai, is one of them. If you’re wondering what her life looks like: sit tight, because we’re going to answer your questions about Sheikha Mahra’s lavish lifestyle.

Shaikha Mahra is a member of the Dubai Prince’s family. Her full name is Shaikha Mahra Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and she is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Her father is an incredibly influential man and the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. He has had multiple wives in his life and is the father of around 30 children.

Shaikha Mahra was born on the 12th of February 1994 in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Mahra is one of her father’s favorite children. She fully enjoys a rich life. Because of that and because she has such an attractive personality, she’s also become one of the most prominent celebrity in Dubai right now.

Her previous name is Christina. Her father changed the name as she grew up, due to the name Christina didn’t have Arab origins, and it was not appropriate name for an Arab Princess. Even though her family seems a little bit Orthodox, Shaikha has been living a life full of kinds of luxuries.
Even though Arab Royal Families are generally conservative, Shaikha has pursued an expensive international education and is known to be a popular speaker in her country.
Even as a child, she was extremely competitive and loved horse riding. This skill she learned from her father.
The horse riding she started at the Oxford Nursery School in the UK. Her mother was pursuing her education abroad, but after her mother graduated from the Oxford Aviation College, Shaikha relocated to Athens in Greece, where she continued her education and training in equestrian sports, before moving to Dubai with her father, in 2009.
Shaikha Mahra is currently working with her father on Dubai’s development, after she pursued the undergraduate education from Zayed university in UAE. We assume that she invested in work her father did to follow his corporate footsteps. It’s clear that Arab princess is ‘street’ smart. She likes to get a piece of the action and is an ambitious businesswoman.

Like her father, Shaikha has also made her name as a “horse lover” and is a major figure in the international thoroughbred horse racing and breeding. Did you know that the prime minister of UAE owns Darley Stud, the biggest horse breeding operation in the world? This organization has farms in the United States, Ireland, England and Australia, Shaikha’s favorites countries to go. She has personally bought 11 horses which cost her millions of dollars. One of the most expensive horses that she managed to get into her hands was $3.6 million. She also spends millions of dollars for them to be taken cared of. It is reported that the Princess spent $4 million for only the best food and maintenance for them, in a year.





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