In a completely see-through dress, Bishop Briggs overshadowed much more famous stars

Photo Credits : Profimedia

The Vanity Fair party in Los Angeles gathered many celebrities, but the relatively unknown singer Bishop Briggs (29) stood out on the red carpet.

She appeared on the red carpet in a completely see-through dress under which she wore only thongs and really left little to the imagination. Almost completely naked, she confidently posed for photographers from various angles, so she showed just about everything.

And although nudity is not foreign to her, for a while she mostly attracted attention with her completely shaved head, but now she decided to let her hair grow.

Bishop was born in London as Sarah Grace McLaughlin, and her parents are Scots from the town of Bishopbriggs, who inspired her stage name.

At the age of four, she moved with her family to Tokyo, where she fell in love with karaoke and decided to become a singer, and at the age of seven, she started writing songs. After high school, she enrolled at the Los Angeles Institute of Music. There she performed wherever the opportunity arose, and at one of those performances she was spotted by a talent hunter and soon after that her song “Wild Horses” appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.

The song became a hit and Bishop signed a contract with the record label Island Records, and some of her most famous songs are “River”, “Champion” and “The Way I Do“.

Listen to her song “River” here!

By: Helen B.





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