Inside Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor's romance

"Holland is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, despite the big difference of 32 years," said Sarah.

Inside Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor's romance

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Actresses Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor fell in love in 2015, and the news that they got into an emotional relationship shocked the public. Although same-sex relationships are not uncommon in Hollywood, their story still intrigues everyone. While Sarah is 47, Holland is 79.

Their love story began on Twitter, but they met 12 years ago at a dinner party. However, it was only in 2015 that they got in touch via Twitter, where Holland was the first to send a private message. As it is stated, Sarah loved older women before Holland. She was in a relationship with actress Cherry Jones from 2004 to 2009, and she once revealed how they broke up because they did not share the same life views at the time. "I was 34 and when we broke up, I wondered what I was going to do now. She was 52 and she was much calmer because she had serious relationships before me. I was much more unstable emotionally than her, but we stayed on good terms after the breakup."

However, before these older actresses, Sarah was dating men and was even engaged to her colleague Tracy Letts. Sarah said that people often think that she has some childhood trauma and that’s why she dates Holland.  "There are no hidden intentions here, we take care of each other. I'm lucky to be in a relationship with someone who is older and smarter than me," said Sarah Paulson one time.

On the other hand, Holland Taylor revealed how it was that the relationship with Sarah became public when that was not the case in her love life. "Our relationship became public because Sarah was a big star, and I was somewhat famous. It was great news and I didn't deny it. I try to keep my privacy to myself, but I can't hide everything. I think I was around 30 when I first got in a relationship with a woman, but I didn't talk about it. I would never have thought I would talk about my private life in an interview, " Holland recalled.

Post by: Rinna James