Interior trends: soft lines are finally back!

Photo Credits : depositphotos

The pandemic years have changed a lot, and perhaps most of all the way we decorate interiors. After we were suddenly forced to spend most of our time in our four walls, we may have noticed at some point that the couch that always looked fantastic to us is still not very comfortable as it is beautiful.

This is where the space for the trend that many have embraced has opened up. These are rounded pieces of furniture that are extremely comfortable, and their ‘softer’ look will simply fit into any type of space. Soft, rounded furniture lines and arches and round, massive tables are the new obsession of many interior designers.

This trend, which is currently adored around the world, has even been interpreted by psychologists. Namely, our brain is programmed so that it is attracted to such forms, which it connects with calmness and certain security. Objects like this are actually the opposite of clean lines that often have sharp corners, which we could associate with some kind of danger.

When it comes to equipping a space with such soft lines, it is always good to follow some guidelines. To achieve that feeling of a comfortable and protected interior, it is necessary to meaningfully organize such pieces. If we have, for example, two rounded sofas, it is always good to place them so that they form one whole. Also, this type of furniture should be what the whole room is actually ‘built’ around.

Since this type of furniture was created primarily for the purpose of relaxation, it is important that the materials that make it up are the same. That is why designers recommend that we always try to choose some neutral, soothing colors and natural materials such as wood and textiles from materials such as cotton or wool.

As for the rounded furniture lines themselves, this is a trend that is already well known in the world of interior design, and which somehow always returns to the center of attention. So we could see exactly this style of furniture in the cult Art Deco decoration of the 1920s, as well as in the eclectic style of the 70s. It now seems to have regained its old glory once more.





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