Interview with Dom Hofmann on how and why he created Loot, the communities, creativity, and NFT speculation it spawned, and the future of the project (Casey Newton/Platformer) interview hofmann loot nftnewtonplatformer

interview hofmann loot nftnewtonplatformer

Let’s discuss the most recent venture from a Vine co-founder and what it can teach us about the direction of the IT sector today. This is a unique tech story where pretty much every detail astonished me in some way. Although some of the concepts presented here are quite radical—to the point that I can see a lot of you slamming your laptops down to stop listening—the distant frontier they signify seems to be moving closer to the center of society every day.

The first step is to loot interview hofmann loot nftnewtonplatformer

I attempted to amaze you when I wrote about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, here in March by using some of the period’s most stunning sales figures: $300 million in lifetime sales for NBA Top Shot, $5.8 million for Grimes’ artwork, and $600,000 for the Nyan Cat meme.

Considering what has transpired since then, some of those figures appear insignificant in contrast. An NFT connected to the first doge meme, which had been bought for $4 million in June, saw its owners sell a portion of their stake in the object through tokens on Thursday. This process is very well explained on Coindesk. The cryptocurrency was quickly purchased by investors, and today one NFT is worth $225 million.

The number of persons developing, purchasing, and trading NFTs grew even as they faded from the mainstream media’s attention.

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