Is Adele buying Stallone’s villa?

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The value of the luxury villa in Beverly Hills, which Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone (75) is selling, was estimated at $ 110 million last year, but when Sly failed to sell it, the price dropped drastically.

It was designed by architect Edward Granzbach and was built in 1994. The house is more than 1700 square meters and is located in an exclusive and enclosed part of North Beverly Park. The master house has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and the master bedroom includes its own sauna and office with a terrace. The house also has a gym, home theater, smoking room with air filtration system, and golf course.

The garden consists of a large terrace, swimming pool, and air-conditioned garage for eight cars with an art studio. The main house is followed by a guest house with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and its own kitchen. The house is in the same area where caterer Lisa Vanderpump and British singer Rod Stewart once lived, and this closed community is home to Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy.

Stallone bought the property back in the 90s, and last year said he was selling it for $ 110 million, but did not receive offers from potential buyers. He then lowered the price to 85 million and then 80 million.

Real estate agent Jade Mills told:

“Many of these houses in Beverly Park are big, beautiful houses, but they don’t have a view. This is an exceptional home with land and has a view.” Talking about the home gym, Jade said: “How would you expect Rocky’s gym to look? It’s truly Rocky’s gym, though I’m sure the whole family uses it.”

Adele has recently made a big comeback with the song ‘Easy on me’, which she dedicated to the difficult divorce. She has previously mentioned that the entire album ’30’ is dedicated to the divorce from Simon Konecki. Adele reopened her heart and found that writing and singing about her breakup with Simon, whom she married in 2018, was harder than she had imagined. In an interview with Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, the singer, who has a six-year-old son Angel with Simon, said:

“It was a damn hard job. I sang things I didn’t even realize I was feeling or thinking.”

‘The Sunday Time Rich List’ in 2021 announced that the singer ‘weighed’ around £ 130 million and that her new album could add another ‘modest’ many more millions to her wallet. British pop diva Adele is hunting for a villa in California, and Sylvester Stallone’s property caught her eye. As he has been selling it for some time, he would allegedly give it half the price he intended to get in the beginning, ie for 55 million dollars.

Recall, on the new album, she deals with this traumatic period, revealing the consequences of the divorce on her and her son Angelo.

While I was recording and listening to the album, I could think‘ Is this what I’m singing about in person? Am I opening up too much? ‘” She said in an interview with Oprah.

“But nothing is as terrible as what I’ve been going through behind closed doors for the last two or three years.

I’m not afraid people will find out too much about my personal life.

‘I want to live’

Although ballads we are used to can be found among the 12 songs on the album, her new album is different from the previous ones.

She combined the sounds of a pop keyboard with the sounds of Motown, reggae, afrobeat, and dance. But what stands out most on the album is her polished writing talent, presented through a wide range of voices that create a dark atmosphere.

In the song “Love in The Dark”, she sings about how she “wants to live, not just survive”.

“That’s exactly how I felt,” she said in an interview. “And it wasn’t until I realized that even my closest friends didn’t know I was actually unhappy that I wondered why I was hiding my grief.”

Through the album, she sought to answer her nine-year-old son’s questions about his father and their divorce. In the song dedicated to the son, we can also hear recordings of their conversations.





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