Is this new Kim Kardashian?

Photo Credits : Getty Images

The reality star, Kim Kardashian, 41, is hard to copy. But that belief has come to an end! Mel G (27) is a fitness influencer who looks like the magnificent Kim K.

This Instagram beauty has almost a million followers who can admire her lush curves and sculpted body on a daily basis. 

In an interview, Kim admitted that she underwent several treatments to increase her buttocks, injections that accentuated her buttocks and gave her the shape she wanted.

Mel is a living example of how Kim would look with a sculpted and natural butt without additional treatments. It seems that this trainer spends her days in the gym for these perfect curves.

The influencer doesn’t like to be compared to Kim

Mel G first entered the “celebrity industry” at the age of 21 as a singer/songwriter. Just a few years later, she found her true passion in the fitness world. Until the age of 11, she was involved in athletics and won various awards. In the last few years, her undeniable passion for the fitness industry has become even stronger, so she has turned it into a lucrative career.

This influencer often gets comments that she looks like Kim Kardashian: “You radiate like Kim”, “You’re worse than Kim”, “Same Kim K.” Judging by the answers she leaves to her followers, when they mention the similarity between her and Kim, this fitness trainer is not the happiest with that comparison.

Today, Mel G has a powerful influence on social media and is the CEO of Fit-Esteem. That is a company dedicated to empowering and motivating millions of women around the world. This fitness trainer guides her followers through transformation programs, her goal is to change people’s lives for the better.





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