Is this the best job ever? They ‘fix’ J.Lo’s breasts and oil Victoria’s Angels for photoshoots

Photo Credits : Getty Images

It’s no secret that a whole army of stylists, make-up artists, and hairdressers work on the perfect look of famous models, actresses, and movie stars. However, among them, there is a number of people who do wonderful and/or weird things for a living.   

Many famous ladies are discreetly handed a glass full of ice on the set where their nipples need to stand in place. However, diva Jennifer Lopez (52) does not dress up on her own but hires a stylist whose job is solely to make her breasts look perfect.

On the set of her 2002 video ‘Jenny from the Block,’ the ‘nipple assistant’ was seen styling her breasts using ice and fingers.

For the attractive appearance of the Angels on the set for Victoria’s Secret, several assistants are in charge of applying oil and lotions all over their bodies. In this way, a glamorous glow is achieved in the photos. 

The lucky list also includes a body-painter who painted the naked body of singer Rihanna (33) for her famous video ‘Umbrella‘. In the video, Rihanna poses from head to toe painted in a metallic color, while her make-up artist is patiently waiting behind the scenes to fix even the smallest imperfection that appeared during the filming.

Actress Kate Beckinsale posted a photo with her stylists in a very unusual pose on her Instagram profile.

I am glad that we went to all those teambuildings at weekends because sometimes they are saying that we act as if tinkering around my panties is a normal part of our working day,” Kate wrote in the caption.

By: Sarah R.





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