J.Lo and Ben have great news?

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have found themselves in the spotlight again over the past year thanks to love sparks that ignited 17 years after their breakup. Now, fans of the famous couple believe the engagement is only a matter of time, but it seems that they are one step ahead. Rumors are that it is quite possible that the wedding is already in the plan and preparation.

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that the engagement did not happen, but that they are talking a lot about the wedding, which we sincerely hope will happen soon.

Recall, almost two decades ago, when the wedding was canceled, they were only a few days away from that important event. They claim that they stopped because of the terrible media pressure, and when they realized that they were thinking about fake brides, they knew that something was wrong.

The same source revealed that the couple wants a planned celebration for friends and family. They planned it down to the smallest detail and that, although it sounds like we can hope for a huge party, they both prefer a more intimate ceremony with fewer guests.

Jennifer admitted in November that she still hasn’t lost faith in love and marriage :

“You know me, I’m a romantic, I’ve always been… I still believe in’ happily ever after ‘, definitely one hundred percent,” she concluded. And if we add to the amorous nature and the fact that J.Lo is currently working on her new Valentine’s film ‘Marry Me’, it’s clear why a wedding is on her mind to such an extent.

Her new old fiancé did not talk about specific wedding plans, but an interview with one magazine made it clear how grateful he is for the second chance: ” Life is hard, we are constantly falling and hopefully learning from these failures. The only thing you really need to take advantage of the opportunities that growth gives you is a second chance. I definitely try to use it “.

Recall, after a year of relationship, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are already looking for a place to live together. A few days ago they were seen with their children doing Christmas shopping.

The return of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez surprised everyone at the same time as it generated a lot of happiness since they were a golden couple of the early 2000s of Hollywood. Despite a failed marriage attempt and 17 years in which each one rebuilt their life, today they are very consolidated and it became known what the singer likes the most about the actor.

Well Jen and Ben, we sincerely hope that this is the year in which you will dance to that much desired and awaited ‘happily ever after’!





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