Elaine Ng YiLei (also Elaine Wu, 43) has recently bought an expensive apartment in Tai Hang, southeast of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. The apartment covers about 120 sq metres, and costs HK$15.75mil (S$2.75mil). She will be moving in around mid-June 2016.

Elaine Ng, Miss Asia 1990, is best remembered for the Jackie Chan incident where she had a one-night-stand…some say several nights…with the Dragon and has since cultivated their dragon seed to the ripe young age of 17 today.

Their love child is a daughter named Etta Ng Chok Lam and was born on 18 Jan 1999. Single mother Elaine Ng is currently hosting her own radio show as a DJ.

jackiechan buys exmistress elaineng new house7

When asked why she is suddenly so rich? (As if we are the tax department) She says that she has always been like that. (Always so rich??)

Rumours always have it that Jackie Chan is paying her maintenance fees of $30,000 per month, in what currency… hard to say.

Elaine Ng explains that she is pretty good with investment and says that her tips to friends have always produced good returns. As an example, she sold off a Shanghai apartment after it more than doubled in price some time ago.

She feels that there is no need to answer further questions and the main reason for the purchase, like she has said before in an earlier interview, is that everyone needs a house to live in.

Good answer.

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