Jake Gyllenhaal spent $165,000 on a date with Taylor Swift, and shortly after that they broke up

Photo Credits : Getty Images

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal (40) and singer Taylor Swift (31) were in a short-lived relationship back in 2010. They were introduced by actress Gwyneth Paltrow at a party she and her husband organized at her home in London.

Allegedly, Jake once spent as much as 165 thousand dollars on a private jet by which Swift flew to London. The actor then promoted his film ‘Love and Other Drugs there and they spent 24 hours together before Taylor returned to the US.

Jake wanted some quality time with Taylor. If he hadn’t done this, they would have missed each other as he had to fly back to the States. He hired a jet which would easily have set him back $165,000,” a close source told the British media at the time.

Shortly afterwards, the couple spent the winter holidays separately and rumors began to circulate about their breakup. In January, a source confirmed to People magazine that Taylor and Jake were no longer a couple.

Fans of the singer are convinced that most of the songs from her 2020 album ‘Red’ were written about Jake. Allegedly, their three-month relationship was ended by Gyllenhaal.

By: Sarah R.





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