James Spears loses his lawyer after conservatorship suspension

Britney Spears is free after 13 years of conservatorship that her father had over her, and now that he has finally retired, lawyers have decided to leave him. They are reportedly afraid of a lawsuit

James Spears loses his lawyer after conservatorship suspension

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The planetary popular case behind the #FreeBritney movement has happily ended, and now the aftermath of 13 years of conservatorship over Britney Spears, 39, has begun to come to light. James Spears, 69, has managed his daughter’s fortune for more than a decade and is now left without his team of lawyers.

"Prosecutor Mathew Rosengart has said many times that he will investigate and sue James. If and when he does, James will have to defend himself and will likely be unfavorable to his defense," a source told Page Six.

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The source also said that James' chief adviser, Vivian Lee Thoreen,  told her client that he would ‘need another lawsuit and that she and H&K are not interested in that role’.

Holland & Knight has decided to withdraw from James' case because the suspended conservator doesn’t have a great chance of winning. The source also revealed that James had stepped down from the position of the guardian with an already devised plan. 

Documents handled during custody would be reviewed, and James should reportedly be concerned about the mismanagement of his daughter’s assets, but also about the breach of her security and privacy. 

Britney finally lives by her rules and proudly shares it on social media. She recently posted an image of a Christmas tree, and next to the photo she wrote a long description:

"I am celebrating Christmas way early this year because, why not? I believe any idea that makes you happy is a good idea. What I have experienced in the past is no secret so I think I will have to change a lot of things in the future. Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview! In the meantime, I will take a break from work," Britney wrote, among other things.

By: Helen B.