Jason Momoa has a new girlfriend?

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Jason Momoa has reportedly sailed into a new love story.

According to the media, Jason Momoa is in a relationship with actress Eiza Gonzalez, only four months after the divorce. According to the magazine “People”, the two of them became close during the shooting of the joint film, and unnamed sources for the mentioned magazine report.

The two of them are going out. He cares about her,” said one source. “Jason is in a great place,” added the second, and the third pointed out that they are both busy with work, but they have fun working together. Jason has not yet commented on these allegations, as has his alleged girlfriend, Eiza Gonzalez

Who exactly is Eiza Gonzales? A girl who has driven Hollywood seducers crazy, but whom even film directors can’t resist and they want to see her works with them.

The Mexican actress and singer gained fame thanks to her roles in Mexican telenovelas, and the door to Hollywood soon opened for her. Because of her beauty, but also the roles she played, Eiza Gonzalez has become the face of many brands, and she recently dated one of the most desirable young actors – Timothee Chalamet.

Eiza Gonzales Reyna was born on January 30, 1990, in the Mexican town of Caborac as the younger child of Carlos Gonzales and Glenda Reyna, who once worked as a model. In addition to Eiza, the couple got an older son, Yulen. When she was 12, she was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, which is why she underwent treatment.

After graduating from the American School Foundation and Edron Academy in Mexico City, in 2003 she became a member of the M&M Studio acting school, owned by actress Patricia Reyes Spindola, best known to the public as Maria Lola in ‘Mariana de la Noche’. At just 14, she was noticed by producer and director Pedro Damian and that’s when it all really started. It was thanks to him that a few years later she got her first role in the remake of the popular Argentine telenovela  Floricienta.





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