Jeff Bezos’ controversial love life!

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With a sum of 140.6 billion dollars in 2019, Jeff Bezos was one of the richest people in the world. He had a quiet life with his wife MacKenzie Scott and four children and then Lauren Sanchez came.

First, the paparazzi photos in which he is too close with Lauren Sanchez came out, and then we had an insight into his se*ting techniques after the intimate messages he sent to the former American TV presenter were published on Twitter. “I love you, lively girl! I want to smell you. I want to breathe you in and show it to you with my body, lips, and eyes very quickly,” read some messages, which made Twitter users laugh.

But this story is far from funny. According to federal prosecutors from Manhattan in 2020, the controversial messages were sold to the “National Enquirer” by Bezos’ partner’s brother Michael Sanchez, after they were forwarded to him by his sister Loren. The Wall Street Journal, which wrote about this, claimed to have seen evidence of a $ 200,000 payment to Michael’s account, citing the National Enquirer as the payer. The whole story also includes a photo of Jeff Bezos, a selfie of an American billionaire without clothes, which became the subject of a lawsuit.

As a reminder, Laurent Sanchez’s brother sued Bezos for defamation, alluding that the former owner of “Amazon” and his security team falsely accused him in 2019 claiming that he gave the journalists a compromising image. The verdict was in favor of Jeff Bezos, who asked Michael Sanchez to pay $ 1.7 billion in court costs.

Because of their relationship, two marriages broke up

And the relationship between Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos has been exposed to the public court from the beginning. For many, it was controversial that she entered the new romance while she was officially married to the agent for celebrities Patrick Whitesell, who was, by the way, a friend of the billionaire.

He got rich and left a woman with whom he earned billions” everyone was saying about Bezos, who, apparently, did not pay much attention to such criticism. “They saw each other behind her husband’s back,” was another inscription that accompanied the famous couple.

Interest in Loren and Bezos is not waning, and in November last year they were the actors of the viral video, together with the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, on whom she “cast an eye”.





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