Jenna Jameson spoke about her illness

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Former porn star Jenna Jameson has revealed that she suffers from Guillain-Barre syndrome. That is a rare neurological disorder in which the immune system damages the nerve cells of one’s own body, which can lead to pain, numbness, and even paralysis.

The partner of the 47-year-old model Lior Bitton announced on Instagram that Jenna is in the hospital because she does not feel well, and her condition has worsened to such an extent that she could not even walk. It was also reported that she had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and that this was not a reaction to the vaccine.

“Hey people, first of all, I want to thank you all for the love and support you sent me in the messages. I’ve seen you all and I appreciate it. Doctors suspect it’s Guillain-Barre syndrome and they’ve started IVIG therapy. I’m currently in hospital and I will stay there until the therapy is over. I hope to go home soon. PS I have not been vaccinated against corona or anything else. This is NOT a reaction to the vaccine. Thank you for caring, “Jenna wrote in a description of the photo published from the hospital.

After that, her partner informed fans how Jenna was feeling. He said that she was ‘vomiting for a few weeks’ and that they sent her home while she was waiting for the CT results. Then her condition worsened.

“She came home and couldn’t walk. The muscles in her legs were very weak so she couldn’t walk to the bathroom. She fell to the floor so I had to pick her up and carry her to bed. And then in two days, she got worse. Her legs failed and she could no longer walk, ” her partner said.

He drove her back to the hospital are now they are awaiting further instructions from a doctor.

Jenna Jameson was one of the ‘queens’ of the porn industry, but she is no longer in the business. She started making erotic films in 1993, and the blonde beauty was immediately noticed. She once admitted that she started doing pornography out of revenge for the infidelity of her then-boyfriend, tattoo artist Jack. It was he who tattooed her two joined hearts on the buttocks for which she was famous.

In her book, she revealed that she was the victim of a gang rape when she was only 16. Also, the second rape happened when she was 16 and then it was Jack’s uncle, but he denied it. She was addicted to LSD, cocaine, and methamphetamine, and due to the break-up with Jack, she also had weight problems, so she ‘fell’ to only 34 kilograms.

She later declared herself bisexual and claimed to have slept with 100 women and 30 men off the set. She later declared herself a heterosexual, although she admitted that her best relationship was with her colleague Nikki Tyler.

She married twice – the first time to a colleague and owner of the porn company Brad Armstrong. They were married for 10 weeks, and they broke up in 1997. The second marriage lasted for three years, and it was with the owner of a porn studio, Jay Grdin . During their marriage, she made all adult films only with him, and then she found out that she had skin cancer. She successfully removed it with surgery, and after that she had an abortion and could no longer get pregnant with Grdin. This led to their divorce.

In 2006, she met Tito Ortiz, a former UFC fighter, on Myspace. She had twins with him three years later, but they separated in 2013. And then she found happiness with Israeli Lior Bitton, with whom she had a daughter, Batel Lu , in 2017, and because of him she converted to Judaism.





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