Jennifer Aniston delighted her followers

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Actress Jennifer Aniston (52) often posts photos on social media in which she poses without a shred of makeup. 

“Okay, Humidity. Let’s go! ” the actress wrote next to the photo in which she was covered only with a towel. Her hair was wet and wavy and fans were delighted by this view.

“Yeah, natural curls”, “It’s called a sexy hairstyle”, “Honestly, I’m in love”, “You look fantastic”, “You’re beautiful”, “My heart started beating fast”, “What a queen”, “Your hair, your face, to fall in love with “,” Why are you so beautiful “,” Definition of perfection “,” Jen, you invented beauty, right “,” The most beautiful woman on the planet “. These are just some of the many comments from her fans. 

Recall, Jennifer recently called out everyone who accuses her and talks about her life and knows nothing about her personal or medical history. 

Jennifer was at the peak of her career when she was filming today’s cult series ‘Friends’ of the 1990s and 2000s which made her fans and critics feel free to make assumptions about her private life. 

“I took it very personally, all the rumors about pregnancy as well as comments that I chose a career instead of children. I was bothered by such comments as these people had no idea what was going on in my private life, why I couldn’t and what my medical condition was. Can I have children? They don’t know anything about it” the actress revealed.

She also referred to the double standards that society has, from which men always profit. “Men can get married as many times as they want, have women who are 20 or 30 years younger than them, and women in society are not allowed to do that. They are condemned for such things,” added Jennifer.

How did Jennifer manage to withstand the media pressure?

 “God’s gift of support, I only had a few smart and positive people around me.” she told.

The actress also spoke on the American morning show about her mother, actress Nancy Dow, who struggled with fame, “she was estranged for years,”. She also discovered that she always had a special relationship with her father, John Aniston.

Jenn has been the subject of constant media attention for years, in part because of her former marriages to Brad Pitt and then Justin Theroux. Aniston had been married to Pitt for seven years, and the reason for their divorce was marital dissatisfaction. Jennifer then decided to try again so she was married for three years to Theroux whom she divorced in 2017.

Everything that happened to her, did not change the fact that she was and still is a real beauty. Fans adored her because of her talent, smile, things that made her different from the rest. We must confess she stayed unique.





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