Jennifer Lopez spoke out about Ben’s interview

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His ex-wife, Jennifer Gardner, has not spoken publicly so far. Affleck infuriated the public with his reckless statements, and now his girlfriend has finally spoken out.

There is no end in sight to the negative comments and reactions to Ben Affleck‘s  (49) interview with  Howard Stern  (67) for ‘The Howard Stern Show’ on social media. The first, Affleck claims a lie that spread to the media was that the actor blamed his ex-wife and colleague  Jennifer Garner,  49, for his alcohol addiction.

His ex-fiancée and current girlfriend, singer and actress  Jennifer Lopez,  52, reportedly was extremely upset by this interview, the media reported. In addition, they reported that she was upset that Affleck had rewritten his addiction to his ex-wife, a source close to the couple told Six, but Affleck claims that is not true either. 

She’s very angry. She doesn’t want to be drawn into the divorce story of him and his ex-wife. She met Jennifer Garner and is trying to meet Ben’s children as well – said the source.

Lopez has now denied media reports that she was upset by her boyfriend’s recent comments about his ex-wife.

– It’s just not true. This story is simply not true. That’s not how I feel. I could no longer respect Ben as a father, relative, and person – the singer told  Entertainment Tonight .

Affleck also wanted to correct his statements so he said in an interview he noted that he actually gets along great with his ex-wife.

“I talked about how much we respect each other and how we take care of each other and our children, we put them first,” he said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel .

Affleck said he has no problem being a meme guy, but he draws the line when it comes to his family. 

I have to draw the line and be clear. What the media pulled out is simply not true. I don’t believe that. It is the complete opposite of what I really am. I would never want my children to believe that I would ever say an ugly word about their mother, ”the actor said in an interview.

Affleck and his ex-wife Garner have three children: Violet  (16),  Seraphina  (12), and son  Samuel  (9). They married in 2005 and divorced in 2018. After the divorce, they said the decision was a joint one.

– We had a marriage that failed. It happened to someone I love and respect, but who I shouldn’t be married to anymore… I knew she was a good mom, ”Affleck said of his ex-wife during a controversial interview.





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