Jessica Alba’s post delighted everyone

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Jessica Alba, who is behind the successful company ‘The Honest’, whose value is estimated at more than a billion dollars, is also active on social networks where she has a large number of fans.

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba spends every free moment with her children and husband Cash Warren, and the photo in which she poses with her family delighted everyone.

She is happy to share details from her everyday life with her fans, and this time, in addition to her three children and her husband Cash, the main stars were two adorable puppies.

‘And suddenly I became the mother of five of them. Meet our new babies: Dolly and Lucy (short for Dolores and Lucille) ‘, Jessica wrote next to the photo. Her sympathetic post delighted everyone in turn, and very soon the post got a lot of likes.

It is amazing that she built her business empire literally from scratch, and today there are few who have not heard of the mega-successful company The Honest. Yet, just like any beginning, hers was extremely difficult and takes us back to 2011, when during her first pregnancy she experienced a severe allergic reaction after using a well-known cosmetic brand.

Jessica Alba, therefore, decided to establish the brand The Honest Company for the production of organic products for children and households, and that it works well is shown by the numbers, but also by the regular inclusion on Forbes’ lists of the most successful.

But she herself admitted in her last interview for People magazine that people did not overly believe that a Hollywood sweetheart could achieve such success in the business world. She struggled with prejudice for years, and in the end, she showed them all that anything is possible when it is wanted.

I love data and facts and whenever someone comes to my mind and says something isn’t going to be good or that it’s not going to work, I immediately ask a counter-question and ask for an explanation for it. And then the numbers finally arrive and you can ‘throw’ them in the face of everyone who didn’t believe in you, ‘said 40-year-old Jessica Alba today, adding that she searched for the perfect partner for a long time and then found him in Brian Lee.

The reason I entered the business was primarily a desire to create a safer and healthier world not only for my own but for all the other children. Increased levels of dangerous chemicals in our daily lives have contributed to the development of a number of serious and chronic diseases. I felt it was time for someone to create better products, ones that are safer, non-toxic, healthy, nicely designed, affordable, and easily accessible, ‘said Alba long ago, revealing that she never dreamed she would achieve such great success.

‘I had great visions, but I had to stand firmly on the ground, even though somewhere in my heart I knew very well that my dream had to come true. In the beginning, it was very difficult, every detail was important, and because of everything I didn’t sleep too much, I also worked on weekends and became burdened with everything. ‘ she said.





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