Jessie J recently suffered the hardest blow

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Singer Jessie J broke through with her extraordinary talent, did not build her career on scandals, and did not have any major problems in terms of love, and just when everything in her life seemed to be going well, the singer revealed that there are great chances that she will never become a mother.

Her torments did not end there. Namely, Jessie has been battling Meniere’s disease for almost a year, an inner ear disease characterized by attacks of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, as well as tinnitus and the appearance of deafness. She spoke about her condition in mid-August and described how particularly difficult it was for her to be affected by the disease.

‘Yesterday I tried to sing a song that I normally sing with ease and I couldn’t. The problem is not my voice, but the disease affects my voice. I was sobbing. Hours. I allowed myself to feel the part that was broken in me that I often ignore even though I shouldn’t. Six months did not pass without pain in my neck and throat. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse ‘, she wrote then, among other things, and announced that she would retire from social networks for a while in order to focus on her recovery.

Jessie quickly returned to Instagram though, and it was there that she shared with her more than 10 million followers the latest blow that life has dealt her. Namely, the singer was pregnant, but before she announced her pregnancy, she lost the baby.

She posted a photo with a positive pregnancy test on Instagram, and next to it she wrote an emotional post in which she described what happened and how she felt.

 Yesterday morning I laughed with a friend and commented on how difficult it would be for me to do tonight’s gig without telling anyone I was pregnant. Yesterday afternoon I was afraid I would do the gig so I wouldn’t break. After the third ultrasound, I was told that the heartbeat was no longer heard… This morning I feel like I have no control over my emotions. I may regret posting this, and I may not. I don’t know, ‘she wrote.

She added that she would still do the planned concert because she thought that singing would help her.

I’ve had two performances in two years and my soul needs it. Even more today. I know some will think I should have canceled the show, but one thing is clear to me. I started singing to fill my soul and provide myself with therapy, that hasn’t changed and I have to process this in my own way. I don’t want to hide what I feel, I deserve it. I have to be my own in these moments, not only for the audience but also for myself and my little baby who did its best ‘, the singer writes.

She went on to write that she had always wanted to have a child.

 I decided to have a baby on my own because that’s all I ever wanted and life is short. It was a miracle and just that I managed to get pregnant. I will never forget that experience and I know I will experience it again. I am still in shock and overwhelmed with sadness, but I know I am strong and I know I will be fine. I also know that millions of women around the world have felt this kind of pain, and much more so. I feel connected to all of you, whether I know you or not, ‘said the singer.

The post was liked by over 720,000 people in just two hours and many left comments of support.





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