JLo's daughter adores Ben!(PHOTO)

Emma's relationship with Ben Affleck proves that her mom made a good choice.

JLo's daughter adores Ben!(PHOTO)

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. Their reunion 18 years after the break-up delighted fans, and the two, already planetarily popular stars, are currently more popular than ever. They can’t avoid the paparazzi following them, especially after the rumor that they got married in secret.

These days, Jennifer was filmed while she was visiting Ben on the set with her daughter Emma. She got ​​Emma with singer Marc Anthony.  Ben's behavior towards the 14-year-old girl is really special. Namely, one photo shows him embracing the girl like a father.

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That young Emma needs hugs and tenderness probably should not be doubted after the numerous ugly comments she had to deal with from an early age, which relate to her boyish appearance.

Emma was often called out on social media because she does not look like a copy of her famous mother, who over time has established herself as a fashion icon. The girl, judging by the photos, prefers loose men's clothing and sports style instead of women's dresses. Although neither she nor her parents have commented on it, it was rumored that Emma is transgender and that she wants to change her gender and become a boy.

Fortunately, there are more and more people who stand up for her and point out that it is a real refreshment to see a 'normal' child of famous parents who does not try to be an adult but what she is and Emma has her own charm when it comes to the clothes she wears.

Also, the famous mother still keeps an eye on her twins, and Ben, who raises his children in a similar way, helps her. That's why his ex-wife Jennifer Garner approved of his renewed romance with Jennifer, and their children get along great, which is why the couple is looking for a big villa so that everyone has enough space.

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