John Goodman finally not overweight

Photo Credits : afp/betv

We haven’t had a chance to see actor John Goodman (69) in public for a long time, and now he has appeared at the promotion of the series “The Freak Brothers” in Los Angeles and surprised everyone with his appearance.

Although he has spent most of his career unsuccessfully battling obesity, it seems he has now finally won that battle because he has lost so much weight that it is hard to recognize him.

The Daily Mail writes that the actor lost more than 90 kilograms, and began his transformation in 2017 when he decided to dedicate himself to a healthy lifestyle and gave up alcohol.

As we all know the problem of obesity is something that is hindering many people of today. Some even call it “the silent killer”. The reason obesity is a silent killer is that many years may elapse before its damage is fully evident. Excess weight, particularly its distribution around the midsection (i.e. “pot belly”), is a sure sign of insulin resistance – the stage immediately preceding the development of diabetes Obesity can lead to a number of problems, starting with swollen feet and ankles, having a hard time with movement, and the last and perhaps the most serious symptom is diabetes.

Before, I just stuffed everything I could get my hands on,” he told media at the time, boasting that he started controlling portions and walking a lot more, and even worked out with a personal trainer.

During his career, John starred in a number of successful film and television productions, and his most memorable role was in the series “Roseanne”, in which he played Dan Connor from 1988 to 1997 and which once broke rating records. John is also loved by many for his role in the live-action adaptation of Flinstones in which he portrayed the legendary Fred Flinstone, who everybody grew up with.





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