John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's familiy dressed up as the iconic Adams

Musician John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen have stepped into the most spooky weekend of the year as the Addams family. Halloween costume party involved their children, five-year-old Luna and three-year-old Miles, and possibly Chrissy's parents.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's familiy dressed up as the iconic Adams

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Chrissy Teigen transformed into Morticia, wearing a long black wig and a vamp dress, with bright red lipstick on her lips, while John dressed in a striped suit and wearing a blunt and thin mustache embodied Gomez.

The role of the children of The Addams family was accepted by their children, and while Miles correctly played the adorable Pugsley, Luna fully immersed herself in the role of Wednesday, without taking off her serious expression.

Her devotion to the character was noticed on Instagram by both John and Chrissy.

She insists on staying in character for all photos. No smiles for Wednesday', wrote Legend with a selfie with his sweetheart.

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And the former model noticed how her older child really embraced her character, posting a joint photo with Luna.

Chrissy also shared a bit of the atmosphere on Instagram Story, and it seems the Addams family-themed party wasn’t just family-friendly, but a larger group gathered in the courtyard of their Beverly Hills mansion.

They were joined by Chrissy's mom Pepper Thai as Grandmama Addams, and it is speculated that her dad Ron is hiding behind Cousin Itt's hairy costume.

Of course, the gathering of the Addams family could not pass without the theme song that John Legend played on his piano. He was joined by all the other members except Miles, and the adorable Luna also played a notable role in the video, showing for a moment even a smile between Wednesday's recognizable braids.

By: Sarah R.