Joseph Kosinski revealed details of ‘Top Gun’

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” Top Gun: Maverick ” director Joseph Kosinski explained why the two main characters from the first film did not return to this sequel. Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan are both noticeably absent from the new film. Miles Teller got the role of Nick Bradshaw’s son in the new fmovie, but his mother this time does not appear.

‘These were not the stories we talked about’ Kosinski said in an interview saying that he did not think about returning the two women.

‘It was important to introduce some new characters. I saw some scenes. They brought me to show me some scenes and things, and I don’t really think I started writing then’ said Joseph.‘In fact, it was pretty soon after they brought me to show me parts of the film and what they were looking and thinking about. I somehow found out that there was a big replacement’ said the director.

Recall, actor Tom Cruise (59) arrived at the premiere of the long-awaited film “Top Gun: Maverick” with style.

He landed in San Diego in a self-propelled helicopter, and once again showed that he is a real action star, although it is already known that he does not use stuntmen in his films and performs all the stunts by himself. The black helicopter had the inscription “Tom Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick” on it, and the actor walked out of it in an elegant suit and with so-called aviators on his head, as he wears in the film.

There he was greeted by colleagues from the film, Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller, with whom he posed smiling on the red carpet. Cruise has once again attracted attention with its toned face, which has been talked about in recent months because it doesn’t look much different than in the original 1986 “Top Gun”.

By the way, Cruise got his pilot’s license 28 years ago and during his career, he shot a lot of dangerous scenes with a helicopter. He also came by helicopter to film the new sequel to “Mission Impossible” in South Africa earlier this year.





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