Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry were together?

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Does anyone exist that didn’t hear for Julia Roberts or Matthew Perry? We think the answer to this question is of course ‘No’. Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry are some of Hollywood’s most famous actors today. The fun fact is that only a few remember that this duo was madly in love. That happened after Matthew managed to persuade her to appear in the hit series “Friends” in which he acted.

It was in 1995 in an episode in which his character Chandler Bing ran into an old school friend Susie or Julia. After that, they went on several dates.

One of the creators of the series, Kevin Bright, later revealed that Matthew tried to persuade Julia to appear in the series for a while, and in order to succeed, he even wrote her an essay on quantum physics.

“She told him, ‘Write me a paper on quantum physics and I’ll do it.’ As I understood it, Matthew left, he wrote it and faxed it to her the next day,” Kevin told The Hollywood Reporter.

The couple ended up in a love affair after filming that and they lasted a year before they broke up.

Julia later married cinematographer Danny Modera whom she met on the set of the 2000 film “Mexican ,” with whom she is still happily married, and Matthew began dating Yasmine Bleeth, whom his character Chandler also fell in love with during the series.

Shortly after breaking up with Julia, Matthew became addicted to hard drugs and opiates, and despite their breakup, the actress offered to help him and sent him a message telling him that he was more than welcome to her ranch in New Mexico in case he needs a place for a peaceful recovery. 

But unfortunately, it seems that the actor has never completely got rid of the hell of addiction, and his latest photos worry everyone because of the neglected appearance due to the hectic lifestyle and the great burden of fame that he had a hard time dealing with.

Matthew has previously publicly admitted that due to the consequences of heavy addictions, he does not even remember some parts from the set of the series that brought him world fame, in which he acted for ten years. He was addicted to the drug Vicodin and started taking it because of an accident he experienced while riding a scooter on water. It successfully reduced his pain, but over time he could not spend a single day without the pill. He also suffered from alcohol problems, from which he was treated on several occasions.

On the other side, we can see Julia and it is hard to believe how old she is. The famous beauty, who is remembered by many for her unforgettable roles in films such as ‘Pretty Woman‘ or ‘Mirror Mirror‘, has not changed much since the beginning of her career, and unlike many colleagues, she stays away from aesthetic procedures.





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