Justin Cooper:20 years since Dennis the Menace

Photo Credits : alarmy

American actor Justin Cooper celebrated his 33rd birthday a few days ago, but the days of greatest glory are far behind him. Cooper entered the world of acting as a five-year-old boy and starred in several commercials, and was a guest on the “Full House” series.

He conquered the whole world when he appeared with the famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey in the movie “Liar, liar“. $ 45 million was invested in the comedy, and it eventually grossed as much as $ 302 million. This gave the young actor’s career a wind in his back and they hired him for the sequel to the film about the mischievous Dennis.


The comedy “Dennis the Menace 2” was filmed in 1998, just before Justin’s tenth birthday. The story of the film revolves around a boy who always somehow harms his neighbor, Mr. Wilson, even though he has good intentions. Wilson is often angry about Dennis, but in fact, he is also sympathetic to him and in ” Dennis the Menace 2” he becomes jealous when his grandfather arrives.

Cooper is no longer involved in acting today, but he has remained in the world of entertainment. He works as an executive producer for “The Ben Maller Show” on Fox Sports radio and keeps his life away from the curious public. He has been nominated for several awards for his roles, but since giving up life in front of the camera he has not expressed a desire to return.





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