Keep your feet happy, never neglect them

Photo Credits : Rune Enstad/Unsplash

Attention is often devoted to feet and also they are noted any imperfections. We all write off weight gain as part of a thickened skin and we don’t worry about it, and we can’t go further than the truth.

Pedicure solves common things like long nails, thickened skin on the heels, and similar things. But if you come across these bumps, know that they are not ordinary thickenings on the skin but plantar warts.


These are small growths that usually appear on the parts of the foot that suffer from body weight, most often on the heel or the pads under the toes. This type of wart, like any other, causes contact with the HPV virus, which enters the body through small cuts similar to wounds on the body. As for the color, it varies from the color of the meat, through white, brown, pink, and they are often gray or dark brown.

Whether or not a wart will appear depends on the strength of the immune system, and fortunately, the type of HPV virus that causes plantar warts is not very easily transmitted.

If not treated in time, individual warts can enlarge and create new ones, so that a mosaic forms on the entire surface of the foot. It is a very painful condition that makes it difficult to walk or run.


For starters, wear clothes in all public places, such as locker rooms in gyms or swimming pools. In addition, make sure you always wear socks because HPV viruses love warm and humid places, so sweaty feet are ideal habitats for them. By no means should you share your shoes with others and always disinfect and stick the patch on all wounds and cuts on your feet. Wash your feet thoroughly and cover any warts you already have so that the virus does not spread to the further surface of your feet.

If a plantar wart appears on your foot, do not scratch or touch it by any chance, so as not to transmit the virus further to the foot. Instead, consult a doctor who will determine the most effective therapy for you.





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