Kieran Culkin has become more popular than Macaulay, but he still can't get over one trauma

Macaulay Culkin marked the childhood of many of us, so there is no doubt that he is the first one you think of in this family. Those who follow the series and movies a little more probably know that Macaulay's brother is one of the main actors in the currently mega-popular series - and threatens to become a much bigger face than his brother from "Home Alone".

Kieran Culkin has become more popular than Macaulay, but he still can't get over one trauma

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Before we start the story of the "less popular" brother, it is worth mentioning that the Culkin family is specific in many ways, but also sad because of two tragedies from which they never recovered.

Kieran Culkin is the son of former actor Kit Culkin and telephone operator Patricia Brentrup, who had five other children in addition to Kieran. Although he is only two years younger than Macaulay, Kieran waited a long time for his stars to align. Although he has been involved in acting since he was a child, he only recently got his 5 minutes of fame.

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In recent years, Kieran has become much more popular than his older brother. He began to be considered one of the most promising young actors. Although he has been acting since childhood, it was only this year that he won the prestigious Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award several times. He was on the list of the most sought-after actors today.

The audience discovered Kieran's full acting potential in the award-winning series " Succession". It is a satirical drama with elements of comedy in which Kieran plays one of the most notable roles. He is Roman Roy, one of the sons of a famous businessman who enters into a dispute with his family over who will inherit his father's company. His acting was praised by some of the world's most important stars, and he quickly became one of the biggest stars of this series.

However, despite his successful career, Kieran cannot forget the death of his sister Dakota, after which he was never the same again. As he says, he thinks of her every day and regrets that his children will not meet their aunt.

It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me,” Kalkin said, adding that his brother and sister have dealt with it in different ways.

"I think everyone's just torn inside. How long has it been, 13 years? Jesus, how fast time passes," Culkin told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I accepted that I would never recover from that. It will always be devastated. I'm still crying because of that, just out of the blue," he said.

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"Something funny that she did a long time ago just comes to my mind and makes me laugh, and then I cry. It will be difficult for me to describe to the children what their aunt was like ", concluded the father of the daughter (2) and the two-month-old son.

Kieran described his sister as the most interesting but also the shyest member of the family, and she did not want to act. As she says, he will never forget her dark humor.

By: Helen B.