Kim Kardashian harassed, details of her attacker's arrest emerged

A man broke into Kim Kardashian's villa in California again. The trespasser is already known to the star.

Kim Kardashian harassed, details of her attacker's arrest emerged

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According to information from TMZ magazine, Kim Kardashian, the main star of Keeping Up With The Kardashian, has again seen a man break into her private property. A man the mom of four already knows very well. 

The man earlier identified as Nicholas Costanza was accused of threatening Kim and her family, according to legal documents. Kim reportedly got a restraining order against the man, which he violated in an incident earlier this week.

On several occasions, the trespasser had already tried to enter the villa of the Kardashian-West family. In addition to the attempted break-ins, he went even further. He sent her engagement rings along with a box of emergency contraceptive pills. Despite the restraining order against the star, this fan, completely obsessed with her, calling himself a "knight in armor" is ready for anything. False marriage certificates in his name and that of Kim Kardashian have also been found on the Internet.

He was arrested by local police in the star's garden last Tuesday. He is now being held in custody with a bond set at $ 150,000. This is not the first time the star has come under attack on her private property. She had also been assaulted in a luxury hotel in Paris. Kim can be reassured but for how long?

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By: Sarah R.