Kim Kardashian left hickeys all over Pete!

Photo Credits : Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M

There have been rumors for some time about a new relationship between the celebrity world – Kim Kardashian and Pete DavidsonAnd while everyone was convinced it was just another gossip coming from a famous reality family, it seems to be really true.

Namely, the 40-year-old and the 28-year-old were recently seen in Palm Springs where they held hands and lovingly smiled all the time .

The news of their relationship started circulating in the world media after Halloween, which the problematic comedian spent with the most famous reality star, a little later than the broadcast of the popular show Saturday Night Live in which they even exchanged a kiss.

And now the world was shocked by the new scenes. Namely, the paparazzi photographed the couple going to a romantic dinner together, again without taking a smile off their faces, and traces of a love bite could be clearly seen on his neck. They seemed a little carried away by the rush of passion, and many commented that something like this could be expected from older sister Kourtney and her fiancé Travis Barker because they have been behaving like ‘ debauched teenagers ’ in public since the beginning of the relationship, as the public called them.

And while Kim has been persistently repeating for weeks that the comedian and she are just friends, it’s slowly starting to become clear that she’s starting to get embarrassed with her lies.

By the way, Pete became best known to the world as a boyfriend, and then as the fiancé of singer Ariana GrandePete’s last girlfriend was Phoebe Dynevor, the star of the ‘Bridgerton’ series, and the couple broke off their love affair after just 5 months, reportedly because of the distance. After his engagement to Ariana, Davidson dated Kate Beckinsale, and actress Margaret Qualley fell for him, as did model Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford.





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