Kylie caught in a lie: She passed by the body, claiming she only found out about the eight dead later

After the stampede that took place, eight people were killed and the festival was canceled. Young Jenner sister claims that she found out about the tragedy only after the concert, but it seems that she was caught in a lie

Kylie caught in a lie: She passed by the body, claiming she only found out about the eight dead later

Photo Credits: Instagram

Travis Scott's pregnant girlfriend (30), Kylie Jenner  (24), with whom he already has one child, also addressed the public via Instagram today. She was at the concert with her sister  Kendall  (25).

Before and during the performance, she cheerfully shared recordings and photos from the concert where her partner performed, and she says that she found out about the tragedy only later.

- Travis and I are broken and devastated. My prayers go to all who have tragically lost their lives, been wounded, or in any way hurt by yesterday’s tragedy. Also, for Travis who cares deeply about all his fans and for the residents of Houston, I want to emphasize that we didn’t know that there were tragic deaths until the end of the concert. If we had known earlier, we would have stopped the concert immediately. I send my sincerest condolences to all the families suffering during this difficult time and I will pray for the recovery of all those who were injured during this tragedy - Jenner wrote in her Instagram story.

Immediately after her statement, the media have begun to circulate witness statements from the concert who claim that the sisters knew earlier what happened as they walked past the bodies and concealed their identity, writes The Sun.

- Kendall and Kylie had six security guards around them. After the tragedy happened, the sisters were escorted past the bodies of the victims and the people they were resuscitating and rescuing - the witness for the same media began.

He says the sisters hid their identity all the time.

- They lowered their heads and tried not to let anyone see their faces. They were covered so that no one could see their reaction, they wore masks and hoods. One man was taken out on a stretcher in front of them - the source added.

Fans soon started reviewing the profile of the famous Jenner sister again after the accusations and noticed an ambulance on one of the Instagram stories. Namely, Kylie filmed the atmosphere at the concert, and in part of the video, you can see the ambulance breaking through the crowd. She deleted that clip, but too late. ‘Internet detectives’ took it over earlier and it was re-shared via Twitter.

Young people were killed at the concert. Two were 14 and 16, two of them were 21, two were 23, while the seventh was 27. The eighth victim has yet to be identified.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said detectives from the Homicide and Narcotics Department have launched a criminal investigation, following reports that someone in the audience injected people with drugs.