KYLIE JENNER SECRETY GOT MARRIED? Paparazzo photos raised dust among fans

Kylie Jenner married Travis Scott in secret, according to a part of the public after new paparazzo photos surfaced.

KYLIE JENNER SECRETY GOT MARRIED? Paparazzo photos raised dust among fans

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Members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are known for their tumultuous relationships with the fathers of their children, and Kylie Jenner, 24, is no exception.

It has been rumored for months that she reconciled with rapper Travis Scott (30) with whom she had a daughter Stormi (3). The stories turned out to be true when Kylie confirmed rumors in early September that she was expecting another child with Travis. Part of the fans resent it, while others are full of support and say the billionaire has never looked so happy.

The public is also interested in whether the couple will tie the knot soon, and when it comes to the fateful 'yes', the curse of the reality family has to be taken into account. Namely, no marriage has survived so far, nor has it been without controversy. That Kylie and Travis are willing to break that theory is evidenced by the photos she posted on Instagram.

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‘Daddy got us matching rings, Jenner captioned the photo of her and Stormi's hands wearing identical diamond rings. Fans were intrigued by the photo and wondered when the wedding would be, but some claim it has already happened.

Followers, who pointed out that Kylie was pregnant before she revealed it on Instagram, say she married in secret which they sensed by the color of her nails. Also, when she was recently photographed with her daughter at the Los Angeles airport, they spotted a wedding ring on her hand. Kylie is a big fan of jewelry and often wears rings, but she has never worn anything similar before.

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Namely, she and Travis hid for nine months that she was pregnant and announced the news of the first child in February 2018. By the way, Jenner and the rapper started seeing each other in April 2017 after they became close at the Coachella music festival.

They broke up a few times, but now they seem to have given their love a chance again, and the question is for how long. 

By: Helen B.