Lady Gaga’s parents amazed at the premiere

Photo Credits : PROFIMEDIA

At the recent premiere of ‘House of Gucci’ Lady Gaga shone in a purple dress and fishnet black stockings, but then attention was stolen by her parents who can rarely be seen in public.

Steady and elegant, they walked the red carpet, and many commented that they are a beautiful couple and that it was obvious from whom the famous singer inherited beauty. Proud parents posed for the assembled photographers while smiling and holding hands.

Her father Joe wore a dark suit and a bow tie, while Mother Cynthia wore a long black dress with straps down. She complemented the styling with red lipstick and diamond earrings and a ring.

Gaga has repeatedly pointed out that her parents have always supported her in making music, although they did not best understand what she was doing, that is, the fact that she was one person on stage, but in reality quite another.





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