Léa Seydoux believes that "Bond girls" should no longer be called that

Lea Seydou was a recent guest on the show Good Morning America, to promote the new James Bond film 'No Time to Die', starring psychologist Dr. Madeleine Swan. In a conversation via a video link, the French actress was asked if she thinks it is still appropriate to call the actresses in the films about Agent 007 "Bond Girls"?

Léa Seydoux believes that "Bond girls" should no longer be called that

Photo Credits: Profimedia

Léa Seydoux was slightly surprised by this question but soon offered her proposal. Namely, she said that it would be better to start talking about "Bond women", instead of "Bond girls". She backed her stance with an example of her role in the last two James Bond films.

The 36-year-old actress said that Dr. Madeleine Swan is "different from older Bond girls because her function is not just to satisfy the main character." "She is a real woman, who shows her depth and vulnerability, which is something completely new for female characters in James Bond films," said Léa Seydoux, adding: "I am grateful to Daniel Craig for being a feminist. I think because of him, female characters have changed so much in this movie series. It was time for strong female characters to appear in Bond films, and I'm glad it's happening right now."

She also said that the atmosphere at the premiere of the film "No Time to Die" was quite emotional, since it is the last film with Daniel Craig in the role of a popular film secret agent. Léa Seydoux expressed optimism regarding the movie's ratings in cinemas, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Her prediction is correct for now, considering the fact that the twenty-fifth film from the James Bond series earned more than 300 million dollars from ticket sales in just a few weeks.

By: Helen B.