Leo DiCaprio has changed a lot, but the young beauties still fall for him

Leo's love life is more interesting to his fans than fighting climate changes which he is dedicated to.

Leo DiCaprio has changed a lot, but the young beauties still fall for him

Photo Credits: Profimedia

It is already well known that as much as Leonardo DiCaprio (46) works for our planet, it was not so surprising that he appeared at the UN climate conference in Glasgow.

The actor was dressed in a blue suit, and his arrival caused delight for fans including the politicians. Everyone was hoping to get a moment with him to take photos.

DiCaprio, who owns the Earth Alliance’ environmental foundation, was filmed listening intently to the conference. But Leonardo’s later pushing with photographers while guarded by security did not go without incident.

Namely, one Australian woman shouted her message in the middle of the gathered crowd. Leo, talk to the indigenous population about injecting various liquids into their country! The Australian government has just given $ 50 million to destroy their country, 'she told the actor.

But while she persistently warned DiCaprio about what was happening in his country, she was unable to reach him for security reasons. By the way, more than the climate change Leonardo is dealing with, fans are interested in his love life.

The actor has been in a relationship with his 23-year-younger colleague Camila Morrone since December 2017, but he still tries to avoid the paparazzi when he goes in public with her. Besides, he never talks about his love life.

Before Camila, he had loved a number of famous ladies, and age and beauty seemed to be the most important criteria for him. He was with models Eva Herzigova, Nina Agdala, Gisele Bundchen, and Bar Refaeli and with actresses Blake Lively and Kelly Rohrbach. Rumors were also circulating that he was dating singer Rihanna. Gisele and Bar, a Brazilian and an Israeli who kept him the longest, five years each, but although they hoped for an altar, they never got to it.

In recent months, it has been rumored that he enjoys a relationship with Camila because he gained a few kilograms more, which he showed in swimsuits on the beach. But according to his last appearance, he seems to have regained his old weight or hid it well with a clothing combination.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers