Liam Hemsworth is finally happy

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Liam Hemsworth (31) can be happy with the year behind him because suddenly everything changed. Although the young star of ‘Hunger Games’ can not boast of too many acting engagements in 2021, it seems that he is finally happy and satisfied in his private life. With his new girlfriend Gabriella Brooks (25), he posted pictures from a winter holiday in Europe. This holiday the couple spent in the company of Liam’s family.

They were first seen together in the winter of 2019 when they were filmed at lunch with Liam’s parents. Since then there are speculations that the actor found solace after breaking up with Miley Cyrus in a young Australian model.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus met and fell in love in 2009 when they were filming Disney’s ‘The Last Song’.They were until recently one of the longest-running celebrity couples.

After two years of relationship and several breakups, the couple got engaged in 2012 and seemed to have smoothed out the differences. But it obviously wasn’t like that.

The stormy relationship in which they broke off their engagement several times continued until 2018 when the couple finally stood in front of the altar, but the happiness did not last long. As early as the following summer, 2019, they announced their split, just a month after celebrating their tenth anniversary together. This was unexpected.

They formally ended their ten-year relationship with a divorce at the end of 2020. Liam commented on the final break-up with a few words via Instagram “I’ll be brief, Miley and I recently broke up and wish her health and happiness on her further journey”. Apparently, the reason was that the controversial singer did not want to calm down, and also did not want to give up on women, while Liam wanted a more peaceful life.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Liam Hemsworth and Gabrielle Brooks seems to have become serious.

Before the couple traveled to Europe to ski, Gabriella confirmed in an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph’s Stellar magazine that she was seeing the actor and said that 2021 was “the best year of her life”.

It seems that happiness has finally smiled at him, so after more than a year of relationship, the actor was caught in a hug with a new girlfriend.

Liam Hemsworth became famous for his role as Gale Hawthorne in the film franchise ‘Hunger Games’ and interestingly, he competed for the role of Thor in the Marvel film of the same name which was eventually awarded to his older brother Chris Hemsworth.

Recall, following the NBC New Years’ Eve special in which Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson sang together, Kim Kardashian decided to unfollow Cyrus on Instagram. The event, which took place in Miami, was hosted by the Saturday Night Live comedian and the Wrecking Ball singer. They were both fun and seductive and sang the song Miami, a Will Smith hit, together.

When the two visited The Tonight Show to promote the New Year’s Eve event, Cyrus sang the song ‘It Should Have Been Me’ to Davidson. This attitude may have annoyed the eldest of the Kardashian clan, Kim, with whom Davidson has been romantically involved since last October.





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