“Little Miss Sunshine” is all grown up now, and she’s been through hell

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American actress Abigail Breslin rose to fame thanks to the film “Little Miss Sunshine” ​​when she was only 10 years old, and for that role, she received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Today, the 25-year-old actress is still on stage and still starring in movies and series.

Abigail grew up in New York City, and her career began when she was just three years old. She appeared in a commercial, after which her parents took her to an audition for the film “Signs” in which she eventually played the daughter of the main character played by Mel Gibson. She had a minor role in “The Princess Diaries 2” and several other films, and the whole world started buzzing about her when the film Little Miss Sunshine was released in 2006.

She auditioned for the film as a six-year-old, and she had no idea that the role would be one of her most popular today. She won the hearts of many colleagues, and although she did not win an Oscar at the award ceremony when she was nominated, a year later she appeared as the presenter of the award. Forbes ranked her among the ten richest children’s stars in Hollywood at the time, and young Abigail did not give up on her career, which has lasted to this day. This year, she made the film “Stillwater” starring Matt Damon. In interviews, she often says that she thinks the best is just ahead of her.

Although she skillfully hid her private life, four years ago she opened her soul in an interview when she admitted that her ex-boyfriend had raped her. She was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD, and she explained that she did not report the attack to the police because she was in complete shock and did not want to admit what had happened. She feared that her ex would threaten her family and attack her again. Today, she is active in the fight for women’s rights and has often stressed that women should not be silent when it comes to such heinous attacks.

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