Lorde will not perform at the 2021 MTV Music Video Award ceremony. They didn’t explain very well what happened

Photo Credits : Getty Images

The upcoming performance of Lorde at this year’s MTV Music Video Awards (VMA) has been canceled, as reported by MSN.

The organizers of the event posted the news on VMA’s Twitter profile with a vague explanation.

Due to changes in production elements, Lorde can no longer perform at this year’s ceremony. We love Lorde and we can’t wait for her performance on the VMA stage in the future“, reads the announcement, but “changes” were not specified.

This year, Lorde is on the list of nominees in the category “Best Cinematography” for her latest hit “Solar Power“, but it is not known whether she will come to the event at all, given the canceled performance.

This year’s withdrawal is the second time the singer canceled her performance. In 2017, the day before the VMA event, she got a sore throat and could not sing.

Instead of the lip-sync option, Lorde danced to the studio version of her hit Homemade Dynamite”.

This year’s awards ceremony is hosted by Doja Cat and will feature Olivia Rodrigo, Shawn Mendes, Foo Fighters, and Justin Bieber.

Watch the nominated video for Lorde’s single “Solar Power” here.

By: Sarah R.





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