Lost Ark gets new content and additional tweaks

Photo Credits : LostArk/Promo

Lost Ark, a Korean MMO, has lately arrived in the Western world, and the developers are already promising fresh material that will enrich it, as well as some improvements that will make life easier for players.

The free MMO Lost Ark has been available in Korea for several years and was released to the rest of the world last month. Because it is built on a free-to-play business model, a large number of interested individuals rushed to it, resulting in long waits to enter the game, which according to acquaintances who play it, might last up to five hours, reminding us of the glory days of World of Warcraft.

However, things have calmed down, and the Smilegate team working on Lost Ark has announced new content that we should be able to try before the end of the month.

As a result, the authors are working on a new episode called Kadan, which will cover the islands of Istera and Illusion Bamboo and will continue the primary plot of the search for the first Guardian. To be able to go on a new adventure, players must first complete a chapter on the Feiton continent, as well as the missions Let There Be Light on Yorn, Start of Our Story, and End of the Trials, while it is advised that players have equipment that can withstand temperatures exceeding 1,100 degrees.

As new finishers are stated, Abyss Raids are mentioned, a practical time-limited boss hunt, but unlike Guardian Raids, which support from one player to a group of four, new raids are only achievable in eight-member teams. Our explorers will test each Guardian in three stages, each with its unique set of rules and prizes for successful accomplishment.

This is not the conclusion of the news report about the Raiders of the Lost Ark; it will be released later, along with details about observed and addressed technological flaws. In a separate report, the developers say they have reduced the weight of the final content, particularly the Guardian Raid and Abyss dungeons of the first and second degree because the final opponents had an abnormal amount of health and although it was a possible process, which you if we look at it in everyday activities, could not afford.

The authors also discussed gold coin and bot sellers and stated that they are always working on refining the interface so that after player registrations, they may share bans with eligible accounts as soon as feasible. Currently, the average life of a spammer before locking the account is ten minutes, but the developers aim to limit it further, and characters under the 30th stage of development will be prohibited from talking inside a specific area if they are not in a group with other players.





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