Madonna doesn’t cease to shock with her looks, she is turning into a wax figure more and more every day

Photo Credits : Profimedia

At the premiere of her concert film ‘Madame X’ in Manhattan, Madonna appeared on Thursday night in the company of her 27-year-old boyfriend Ahlamalik WilliamsShe continues to shock the public with what she has done to her face by overdoing it with numerous cosmetic procedures.

Madonna appeared in a black corset (which highlighted her cleavage, which she has been putting in the foreground lately), which she tucked into a white high-waisted mini skirt with slits and a leather belt with rivets. She wore an unbuttoned white long leather vest and black fishnet stockings with black ankle boots. On her hands she wore see-through gloves that reached to her elbows.

She had a bunch of sequined and children’s jewelry, a necklace with the inscription ‘Trust No Bi ***’ and earrings with crosses that she used to wear, a tiara with ‘jewels’ that said ‘F *** You’, afro braids, and sunglasses of futuristic design. Her posing on the red carpet could not pass without provocation. Her 36-year-old boyfriend licked her face as they posed for photographers.

Although many know that the Queen of Pop mostly dresses in a way that is shocking, there is a large number of those who cannot accept her excessive plastic surgeries. They comment that she looks like a wax figure without a single wrinkle, and she has changed her face shape a lot.

Madonna’s new film will be available on the Paramount + streaming service from October 8th. The film documents her 2019 and 2020 world tour on which she promoted the album ‘Madame X’.

Watch the official trailer here.

By: Sarah R.





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