Madonna worried fans with her bruises!

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Queen of Pop  Madonna (63) managed to shock her fans on social media again. Namely, she posted a series of photos on Instagram in which her legs were covered with bruises.

“Life beat me! Do you think that thing hurts? Only the devil cares.” Madonna wrote in the description of the photos in which she poses in a silk housecoat from the fashion house Versace.

In the announcement, she also showed torn high socks and lace underwear. Also, in one photo she posed on the toilet bowl. On the other, she put in the foreground a cleavage covered with jewelry and crowns in a provocative bra.

The photos gathered hundreds of thousands of likes, and many followers expressed their concern in the comments:

‘Oh woman, what have you done?’, ‘What happened?’, ‘Who hurt you, Madonna?’, ‘What’s wrong with your legs?’, ‘I wish you a speedy recovery’, ‘This is a nasty bruise’, ‘ Jesus … ‘, are some of the comments below her post.

A few weeks earlier, Lourdes Leon posed for a photo in her mother’s style for the January issue of Paper magazine, and numerous comments below the pictures were: “Same Mother”, “You Picture Yourself as a Mother”“Almost the Same as Madonna”

It is also interesting that those photos were published only a few weeks after Madonna posted photos of her bare breasts on Instagram in a series of explicit shots from the bedroom, which were later removed from the platform due to violations of Instagram community rules. And then the mother and daughter took pictures together in a provocative outburst and once again set the Internet on fire.

They both posed in black combinations, and while Lourdes had a latex bikini and an ultra-short skirt, Madonna “tried” something else. Mesh socks, leather gloves, lace and corset, and lots of jewelry. Her daughter had quite a stage make-up, in green and purple tones, while Madonna had more reduced make-up.

What attracted the most attention again was Madonna‘s perfect face, and whether it’s Botox or Photoshop, read for yourself, mostly, the two of them in the photo look pretty good!

However, Madonna and her daughter are not the only ones who were photographed in sadomasochistic sets, actress Lisa Rina and her daughter Amelia have similar photos. And now, we wonder who are the next famous moms and daughters who will continue this trend in painting.

Recall, for the cover of V magazine, the 63-year-old singer posed for photographer Steven Klein, and her photos reflected the last moments of the famous Marilyn Monroe.

The photographer said that he was inspired by Bert Stern’s series of photographs “The Last Sitting“, which is believed to be Marilyn Monroe’s last photoshoot, six weeks before her death on August 4, 1962.

However, it seems that the queen of pop recreated Marilyn Monroe’s death bed because she was seen lying on a mattress with a nightstand full of pills.

Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her home in Brentwood, California in 1962, and was reported to have overdosed on sedatives the night before.

In addition, Maddona recreated the cult photo of “Material Girl” without a shirt but with thongs as she lay face down with a cross on her back.





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