Mahershala Ali and Glenn Close look great in the new powerful SF drama. Watch the trailer

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Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali returns with another very interesting role. In the film Swan Song, also by Oscar-winning director Benjamin Cleary (Stutter).

He plays Cameron, a happily married young man whose wife (Naomi Harris) is expecting their second child. Their lives seem utterly idyllic, but Cameron hides a terrible truth from his wife. He has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has little time left, and the plot will start to get complicated when his doctor, played by Glenn Close, offers him one experimental option.

Instead of telling the family the sad news, he can be replaced by artificial intelligence, in a body equal to his own, with identical consciousness and memories. In that way, the doctor assures him, he would give his family a life without loss. But things will not be easy at all.

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