Many are fooled thinking these foods are healthy breakfasts

Photo Credits : Brooke Lark/ Unsplash

When you wake up, the body begins to get used to the working condition, and you sit down at a table and eat a plate full of meat, a basket of bread and pour a glass of some drink all over it. You go to work with a full stomach. Then you can’t deal even with yourself.

The World Health Organization still claims that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a person who eats breakfast regularly has a regular metabolism and has no problems with excess weight. That is, breakfast speeds up metabolism.

Here’s what you shouldn’t eat for breakfast:


Sausages are a tasty but not healthy product. They contain the least meat and the most preservatives and flavor enhancers that can cause esophageal cancer.

Instant porridge

In order to shorten the cooking time, cereals are subjected to a special treatment, due to which carbohydrates are converted into starch. Add sugar to this, which is used abundantly to improve the taste, and you will get a poison that is marketed as a healthy product.

Dried fruit

It is more harmful than a useful product because, in order to dry the fruit, certain chemicals and sugars are added to protect it from decay.


Muesli is pure sugar with empty calories. An industrial product that is marketed as a healthy breakfast can only poison your body, not please it.

Juice boxes

These juices are full of preservatives because nothing else can “save” them from decay. Freshly squeezed juice can “live” for only 15 minutes. The one that lasts for months is full of sugar.

Bananas and other exotic fruits

Useful is the fruit that grows in your immediate vicinity. The fruit that must be transported from overseas countries has been sprayed countless times with various chemicals that prevent it from spoiling. Such fruit is poison.





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