Mark Hamill reveals the story behind the famous scene in “Star Wars”

Photo Credits : YouTube/printscreen

The sequel from 1980 takes place three years after the destruction of the Death Star in “Star Wars: New Hope“. While on the planet Hot, Luke Skywalker investigates a reconnaissance probe sent by the Empire that discovered the base of the rebel alliance.

Luke then faints, then Vamp catches him and takes him to his cave, where the future Jedi is tied upside down. Along with the picture he posted on Twitter, Mark Hamill explained what was happening on the set of “The Empire Strikes Back“.

Namely, the actor had to hang upside down for a long period of time to film the famous scene in the Vampa cave. The problem was that the longer he hung upside down, the more his face became redder. Because of that, several members of the team were holding him between shots.

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By: Sarah R.





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