Why did Martin Sheen change his name?

Martin Sheen was born in 1940 as Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez.

Why did Martin Sheen change his name?

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Martin Sheen is known for his great acting roles, but what is interesting is that in the world of cinema he is not known by his real name! Namely, he recently revealed that his name, legally, is still Ramon Estevez and that he regrets that he changed it for the sake of his career.

That's something I regret. I never officially changed my name. In my birth certificate, the name is still Ramon Estevez” - the actor revealed, adding that his name is in his passport as well as his driver's license. “Sometimes they persuade you to do that when you don't have enough insight or courage to stand up for what you believe in, and you later pay for it. But, of course, I speak on my own behalf” - he said.

His sons Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, who are both actors, were divided when it comes to the last name, so they chose different ones. Martin says that at that time he was not even aware that his sons were interested in acting because he was too busy with his career. “The only influence I had on Emilio was to keep my last name. When he started, his agent wanted him to be Sheen, but Emilio, thank God, didn't do it” - Martin admits.

Martin Sheen was born in 1940 as Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez, but because of his Hollywood career, he decided to change his name in order to escape the typical role-playing. His acting role model from the beginning of his career was James Dean, and he started as an episodic actor in popular television series in the 1960s.

The first "mainstream" title in his career is definitely "Apocalypse Now". After the "Godfather" franchise, director Francis Ford Coppola decided on a risky move, when he decided to screen a war drama about a soldier who is slowly losing his mind in search of a lost American colonel who manages one part of the jungle with the natives. Harvey Keitel was originally hired as the main character, but after two weeks, Coppola decided to fire him and bring Sheen because of his phenomenal performance in the film "Badlands".

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