Melania Trump’s exclusive interview!

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Melania Trump has not been in the media since leaving the White House. Now she appeared on the show on Fox News TV, in which the former first lady of America premiered after almost a year and a half since leaving the most famous and most prominent house in Washington. In the conversation, she mentioned the current US President Joe Biden.

Namely, Melania Trump described the lack of baby food throughout the country, which she primarily talked about during her visit, as “heartbreaking”, saying that the “leadership” is responsible for the crisis. The interview of the former first lady of America will be broadcast in its entirety on Sunday. In a teaser published on Friday night, the host of Pete Hegseth asked for her opinion on the mentioned problem, and Melania had a ready answer, reports the “Daily Mail”.

It is heartbreaking to see that supplementation is not available to children in the 21st century in the United States,” she said. When asked what was the cause of the shortage, Melania answered concisely: “Leadership“. When Hegseth asked if she meant the lack and incompetence of the leadership, she said: “Yes“.

The 52-year-old has been withdrawn since leaving the White House in January 2021. She spent time promoting her crypto art collection. Namely, Melania Trump announced in December that she was selling the first irreplaceable token (NFT), called “Melania’s Vision”. It is the first digital work of art that Melania sells on her new platform for irreplaceable tokens, on the site

It is a watercolor by the artist Mark Antoine Coulomb, who painted her eyes, and it includes an audio recording of Melania Trump, it was announced from her office. The digital artwork will cost around $ 150 and will be available for purchase until the end of the year. A part of the income, as announced, will go to help children from foster families.

Apart from the aforementioned promotion of her new business, she did not speak about the socio-political situation in the country, and her return to the front pages and small screens followed when the baby crisis escalated.

The head of one of the four companies that control 90% of the American baby food market warned that shortages across the country could last until the end of the year, and we will hear Melania’s opinion in an exclusive interview that was scheduled for Sunday.





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