Michael Bublé is expecting his fourth child

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Michael Buble used to be a big hitmaker, and his ballads were a must at weddings. He is one of the most popular Canadian singers since 2005, and each of his albums was in the top 10 that year. He entered the world of music at a very young age, at just 18, when he won the Canadian Youth Talent Search competition. From that moment on, the doors of the stage were wide open for him, so he even opened the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but at the same time, it was rumored that the singer was arrogant, even rude.

‘I’m not a saint. I am kind, generous, gentle-hearted, but I am also very selfish and temperamental. I was very violent as a child and I never know when I will lose control again because of a trifle, ‘ Buble said on one occasion.

But at one point his career took a downward trajectory, and many blamed the song, which earned him the nickname ‘the ultimate anthem of all rapists’. It’s about the song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ that he sang with Idina Menzel.

Although the 1944 classic did very well compared to some of the following songs he recorded, the biggest problem was the words are not as harmless as they seem.

When you first hear it, the song seems like a sweet, flirtatious duet between a man and his friend arguing over whether she should spend the night. However, in the song, the man completely ignores his partner’s wishes and asks her to stay, which alludes to sexual coercion. Also, the problem is the ‘Say what’s in this drink’ part, which is pretty alarming considering it’s clear what it’s alluding to. The original score even mentions the male part as ‘wolf’ and the female part as ‘mouse’, which makes the dynamics of predators/prey eerily explicit. While there were many who defended the song, far louder were those who felt that some things needed to be at least reworked if you didn’t want to record them already.

But that was only the beginning of this singer’s life problems. This was followed by the health problems of the son he got married to Argentine actress Luizana Lopilato.

Fighting cancer

In 2016, Michael and Luisana discovered that their then three-year-old son was suffering from cancer. Because of all this, they withdrew from the stage and dedicated themselves to their successor. In the most difficult period of their lives, Michael and Luisana asked the public to respect their privacy. Michael’s wife made a statement in her native Argentina that left no one indifferent.

‘Thank God my son is fine. When things like this happen to you, your life changes radically. That happened to our family too. I value life a lot more now, from now on, and forever. I want to thank everyone for their support, for all the prayers you have said for us, for the love you have sent us, and we want you to know that we were all touched and that you helped us get through this together. We are thinking about the future, we are looking forward to it, we want to see our children grow up and live healthy, ‘said the actress.

After the son was cured and two more children were born, it seemed that everything was finally fine and that they were ready to return to their careers. But instead, in 2020, they were greeted by a new scandal.

Charges of violence

In live on Instagram, the singer very rudely pulled his wife away, which fans greeted with disapproval. Although it was clear that they were joking, and that they were in a good mood all the time, many did not like the move of the singer who finally ‘in action’ showed his thin nerves. Even his wife defended him, but the accusations became louder, especially when other recordings saw the light of day in which the singer threatened and ‘shouted’ to his wife that he would ‘kill’ her because he was late.

Fourth child

After a long break, Buble announced his new video for the song ‘I’ll Never Love You’, and the photo shows his wife’s bigger belly which immediately sparked gossip. Shortly after the video premiered, the singer confirmed speculation in an interview.

‘ I will say these words for the first time, but yes, my wife and I are grateful to be expecting a baby,’ he said, adding that they are very excited about their fourth child.





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