Michelle and Barack: New great comedy series

‘Bodkin’ is a thriller with elements of a dark comedy.

Michelle and Barack: New great comedy series

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Barack and Michelle Obama are the executive producers of a new series on Netflix called "Bodkin", in which the main role is entrusted to the actor Will Forte. Jez Scarf has made a series of seven episodes, about podcast hosts who investigate the case of missing persons. It is the first series to come out of the production house "Higher Ground" of the former President of the United States and his wife, and the Hollywood Reporter describes it as a dark comedy.

‘Bodkin’ is a thriller with elements of a dark comedy about a team of podcast hosts investigating the mysterious disappearance of three foreigners in the idyllic coastal city of Ireland. However, they learn that the story is much broader and stranger than they could have ever imagined. “The series challenges our perception of the truth and exposes the stories we tell ourselves, to justify our beliefs or fears," reads the official description of this project.

In addition to Forte, some of the names that star in ‘Bodkin’ are Siobhan Cullen, Robyn Cara, and David Wilmot. Last year, the Obama couple presented the educational mini-series "We the People", which combines music and animation, and aims to teach the younger generations civic culture. Michelle also published a documentary version of her memoir "Becoming", also on Netflix.

Obama's production company signed a contract with Netflix in 2018, and at the beginning of last year, they announced six new projects, including a film adaptation of Mohsin Hamid's novel "Exit West", science fiction "Satellite" and "Young Wife", as a feature film, which follows a woman’s feelings on her wedding day, when a storm is approaching.

It was then announced that two series would be made, the first called "Daughter of a Firefighter", and the second would be a documentary series about national parks. Recall, the debut achievement in the production of "Higher Ground Productions", "American Factory", won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2019. This film is about what happened to workers when a Chinese billionaire bought a factory in the American Midwest.

Post by: Rinna James